Dive Into Your Happy

Hola! Hola! Hola! Hola! Hola!


All week I have had this thought in my head, which I felt I had to share with everyone.  Dive into your happy!!!!!! Happiness is a choice, and yes there are things that are going to make us feel miserable, and even waking up in the morning before coffee can be kind of rough.  But, it's critical to choose happy, and take steps that are in alignment with the things that make you happy.  Each step that you take, regardless of pay off or an immediate response of success, will be worth it.  Because the more happy steps you make, will start taking you down to your own yellow brick road----back to your ideal home/ ideal self.   Essentially, the person that you have always wanted to be.  The truth is, sometimes you don't know how to get to that person.  BUT, you do know that next happy step!  And that's where you need to begin. 

Do not get caught up on not knowing the whole map or where exactly the steps will lead.  Don't over think it, just step.  In my journey, I have been committed to pursuing my own joy, my happiness, and taking those steps.   As you take each step, the road will gain clarity, but then it might get fuzzy again, and then clear again.  Stay centered and listen to your heart and trust your inner voice.  The wisdom is in you.  We all have it.  We have built in GPS' to our happiness, but many of us choose to ignore it out of fear and stubbornness,  Yes, sometimes we can be stubborn, we have signs all around us about what we should do or need to do, and we continue to suppress it, and run away from it with other distractions. 

Well, I can ramble on and on...lol, but again, take a step, or better yet dive into your happy!



This is a fun retro look I styled and I really am in love with my new Vince Camuto mules.  They are my first pair of mules, and I am sure I will be able to get lots of use with them this fall.  Happy Friday!!!

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