Brighten Your Work Day with Colorful Work Wear Looks

 Work is a beautiful endeavor, when we are excited about our contribution, when we feel appreciated, and when it truly helps to bring value in our lives. Also, when it doesn't over-demand or require us to sacrifice too much of the priceless things we love: our family time, our mental and emotional health, and our peace. 

If you have been following my journey, you know that I left my school teaching job for a role that gave me more flexibility, and more space to feel like myself.  And one of the things I love is that it is remote and I can work from anywhere in the country. 

Recently, I met up with my sorority sister and we talked about everything: career goals, love, friendship, travel, and a topic we both agreed, "if it ain't remote, it ain't for me."  She was happy to see that I had decided to take the leap out of my school job and take the leap into the unknown, and highlighted that I seemed happier.  She was absolutely right, I am happier, more free, and l couldn't argue more that my online/ remote job is everything to me.   She shared how the majority of the time she works remotely due to the extensive traveling required by her job, and although she was consistently on-the-go, she loved it!

 We both agreed that it wasn't that we didn't want or like to work, it was actually the opposite, we LOVE to work, but requiring us to fulfill the work in a predetermined time and space is an outdated model that does not work for us.   

I know that many companies are changing their work models, allowing professionals to tele-work on certain days, offering more flexibility, and some are submitting to a complete digital experience.  If you think about it, it makes more sense on both accounts, employer and employee.  Professionals would be able to improve their quality of life due to minimizing their exposure to traffic in over-populated cities,  enjoy and support their families as needed, and get less bogged down by unnecessary work politics, toxic behaviors from colleagues, and silly rules that aim to control and ultimately stifle work-life happiness.  Also, employers would be able to save money and potentially get better outcomes from employees that feel more balanced and energized.

I do believe that as the years go by, the remote model is where many work spaces are heading, moving from a traditional office space to a plugged-in to your computer work experience.  There are some cons related to being plugged in, but for now, the benefits truly outweigh these challenges.  

Even though, I may not walk into a traditional office, and my computer screen is my only virtual wall connected to my job, I will still dress up, because as you know, I love dressing up!  Therefore, I came up with 6 looks that represent my style, and are filled with the zeal and zest for my new work life. 
Thank you for stopping by to check my fun work looks and I hope you enjoy your day!

Look #1: I paired the blazer with a long tank-top dress,  and a crochet swim-cover up to give the look a fresh summery vibe. 


Look #2:   I wore this adorable yellow top from the Loft, and a beautiful skirt from Banana Republic, and cute yellow shoes from DSW.  

Look #3: I wore a red and pink striped blouse from Ann Taylor, a skirt from the Loft, and Sandals from DSW.  

Look #4:  A blue dress from Banana Republic, Gold & Sliver Metallic Heels from DSW, and Rose Gold Sunglasses. 

Look #5: A top from Ann Taylor, a skirt from the Loft, and red Shoes from DSW

Look #6: A white top from Banana Republic, a Skirt from the Loft, and yellow shoes from DSW