Show Up

Should I say something?  Should I attend this event?  Should I go?  Sometimes, you may just want to stay at home and melt into your couch or even in that big discussion at work, you decide to stay silent, so that the work meeting can end and you can go home.  But, what if you would have said something? What if you would have attended that event?  Your voice and your presence makes a world of a difference, even if you don't think it matters.  You participation at that event or that comment in that work meeting may be the determining factor that elevates you into your promotion or a new business collaboration that would have never been available to you otherwise.  

I have always noticed the strength in showing up, pushing myself into new spaces, and meeting new people, because the world is filled with possibilities and discoveries, but they aren't going to fall on your lap.  You have to show up!

On Thursday, I attended a beautiful event hosted by Fashion Group International, which is a national organization with regional chapters that offers events, networking, and amazing information about the fashion industry.  I became a member in the Spring of this year, but my schedule has been kind of crazy, that I haven't had the opportunity to attend most of their events.  Well, I made it a point to SHOW UP to this event, that offered members and guests a fun experience of visiting three different beautiful Boutique's in Clayton, and to hear the stories of how the boutique owners decided to go into business for themselves.  The three boutiques were The SpottedPig, Giddyup Jane, and Shine Boutique.  Each boutique had its own unique charm and identity, promoting the importance of shopping local and shopping in spaces that have a clear human touch and feel. 

The event didn't disappoint, as I was able to make genuine connections with dynamic women who are in the industry of fashion in St.Louis, and everyone had positive and loving vibes.  It's always a beautiful thing to be around women who are driven to pursue their joy and want to celebrate other women's passions.  In listening to the journey and stories of these entrepreneurial women, they all had one thing in common.....(you know it's coming).......they decided to show up!  They decided to take a stand for their vision, their dream, their goals, and what they believed in.  And on that note....i'm gonna end this blog post with a loving goodbye!

Actually, not going to leave just dress!  I found it at Nordstrom Rack.  It's such an easy beautiful dress that gave me style and comfort.  Ok, I'm really leaving now!  Adios!