The Power of the Blog

Many of you know that I started this blog approximately a year ago.    I was filled with inspiration and excitement about my new journey as a blogger, and I really didn't know what I was doing or where I was trying to go with my blog.  All I knew was that it seemed like a digital door filled with endless opportunities, and I felt so alive carving out my world in a space that I could call my own.  

Throughout the past year, I have stayed committed to making sure that I was consistent and that I didn't give up.  There were a few times, particularly on instagram, where I have wanted to stop posting for a week, but i decided to stay the course and push through the discomfort and just do the work.  I have always respected my blog, the same way I respect my job, because my belief is... "how will I garner the respect as a blogger,  if I don't show up as a blogger?!"   Overall, I have a sense of pride that when I look back at this past year, I don't have any regrets.  There are a few things I could have done better, but I have to give myself grace and recognize that I am a work in progress. 

Well, my most recent news is that Bumble reached out to me a few weeks ago, and offered me the role of community marketing manager of St. Louis. Initially, I was a little confused because I only associated Bumble with the dating app that affords women the opportunity to make the first move, and as a married woman I was a bit confused.  I wasn't sure whether the email I received was spam or if it was truly legitimate, so I immediately fired back with a few questions.  

I began to do my research on Bumble, and learned that the company has opened Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz as additional spaces to empower users to meet friends and network professionally.  And that is where I come role will be to increase brand awareness in St, Louis, and I will be planning one event a month in the St. Louis area that promotes building relationships, networking, and having fun.


This opportunity really matches my energy and what I love to do!  I truly enjoy meeting new people, planning events, and helping people learn about great resources that will support and improve their lives.   I really feel blessed and grateful for this opportunity and I can't wait to plan my first event! 

I'm going to go back to the power of the blog...when I started the blog, I had no idea that this was something that would be available to me or that it and would align with my goals and values. But the power of the blog is that it offered a digital landscape of Kayra, a scope of my beliefs, and a vibe of what I represent.  I find my blog to be an empowering tool that speaks for me, even when I am not present.  

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope this fuels you with inspiration and motivation to pursue whatever is on your heart.  I'm extremely happy for choosing to follow my dreams and goals, and I am beginning to see the merits of choosing to love and respect myself.  Have a great Thursday!


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