DesignerShare --- It is Everything!

Where do you go to shop for a fabulous event that requires you to bring your best.  But wait, you may not want to spend the hundreds or thousands of dollars that are required for you to look as fabulous as you would like.  That is where DesignerShare comes to save the day.  They have designer items in every category to meet the demands of your special day.    It's a simple rental experience, which requires your selection on their website, and once it's processed, it's heading your way.  You have the option to rent it for a week for an established rate that is fair, and also doesn't call for a mini investment on an article of clothing that you may only wear once.   DesignerShare provides women with the opportunity to wear Designer clothing for an affordable price and gives you the opportunity to experience different designer items throughout the course of the year.  As you can see in my pictures below, it arrives in garment bags that keep the clothing well taken care of during its travel to your home. 


My first look consists of this beautiful pink Self-Portrait Guipure One Shoulder Frill Mini Dress, and I paired it with Jimmy Choo Snakeskin Metallic Strappy Shoes.  This dress had an amazing fit and it was designed with an enormous amount of detail.  I loved how pretty and fun it made me feel.  I could picture myself wearing this for a birthday, a wedding, a bridal shower, or a special day time event.  


My second look consists of this Michelle Mason Obi Lace Dress with the same Jimmy Choo shoes from the first look.  This dress gave me a completely different feel and that is what I LOVED about it.  I felt so sexy and powerful with this dress on.  I could picture myself wearing it to an evening gala, a premiere, a high-end restaurant, or an event that I knew I would be taking several pictures.  

IMG_9258 (1).jpg

I completely enjoyed my DesignerShare experience, and I will definitely lean on DesignerShare when I need my next fab look.  I will also share that I was extremely pleased with their team, as they were always attentive and responsive to any of my questions, ensured that I had a superb renting experience, and I loved their encouragement and support during my takeover of their instagram account.   Thank you DesignerShare!

I hope you guys have a great day!

If you are interested in actually buying the Self-Portrait dress I found a size medium  at The Real Real and a similar style dress is at Nordstrom