The Mom Boss!

Just by becoming a mother, you have owned and earned the title of a Boss!  The amount of work that is required to not only take care of yourself and also a little one is RIDONCULOUS!  LOL!  I remember when my Milan was a newborn, and I felt like an autronaut because I had to walk around with all of this gear to ensure that when I walked out into the world, I was able to survive with my little one.  Going to the grocery store was no joke!  I remember pushing that stroller and the cart. And then when I got back to my car, I became the ultimate grocery and baby mover.  I had to transition the baby into the car seat, break down the stroller, and then put those groceries into the car.  Let's not address what it looked like when I got home.  All that to say, I started paying for grocery delivery because the idea of doing that again gave me  

The minimal moment I described above is only a glitter piece of the work that is required to be a mother.  And now I want to address the mother's who decide to build a business of their own! In the past year, I have been doing my work to build a digital business, and it has pushed me in ways that i wasn't prepared to experience, but I love the stretching and growth that one develops when we are pushed beyond our comfort zones. Also, one of the things that energizes me and refuels me when I feel tired or depleted is my daughter.  I decided to my build my digital business and brand because I wanted to be more available for my daughter and I wanted her to have a model of a woman that chose to love herself fully by pursuing the things that she loved. 

As the community marketing manager of Bumble in St. Louis, I am going to feature women on the blog, who are using the bumble app and are making empowering moves in St. Louis. Today, I am highlighting Perla Olave, who is using the Bumble Bizz app to network and increase her brand visibility in St. Louis.   Also, she is an amazing mother to a beautiful young girl!

 Perla Olave -- Owner of Frida Microblading Studio  

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Perla Olave is the owner and founder of Frida Microblading Studio.   I asked her a few questions to better understand her business journey and I paraphrased her responses below. 

Perla's Background Info
Perla is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, and she lived in Colorado for 13 years. Her decision to move to the St. Louis area was influenced by her commitment to ensure that her daughter grew up around extended family. 

Why did she decide to start a business of her own? 

Perla decided to become a business woman because there was a vision and a dream that she should step out on her own and use her artistic and creative talents for her own success. Also, as a young girl, she always loved make-up and anything related to beauty.  She was always the friend in a group that others would lean on for a make-up adjustment or tips on beauty. 

What was the key moment that pushed her to launch?

The determining moment that pushed her into entrepreneurship was the lack of flexibility and rigidness she experienced in her former jobs.  She was working 7 days a week, fully stressed out, and the quality time that she had with her daughter was extremely limited due to these circumstances.     

What was her biggest fear?

She was fearful at the beginning and she was scared that she was taking on rent at a salon without complete clarity that she was going to have the profits to keep up with the costs of the business. But, her faith and commitment to her dream and daughter was more important than the fear of failing.

What does she love most about her business?

She shares that now that she owns her own business, she loves that it doesn't feel like work.  She is able to take the day off without worrying if she has vacation days and overall the biggest gift is that she has more quality time with her daughter. 

What service does your business offer?

Perla owns a microblading service, and essentially it's a Semi-permanent tattoo that resembles realistic hair that can last up to one year.  She also performs a machine technique called ombre or powder brow, which is created with the use of a tool that provides a makeup look and the result can last for up to three years. If one is interested in microblading or the powder brow, you can find pictures of Perla's work on facebook, instagram, and on her website.   Also, Perla is certified in the art of microblading, and she holds a bloodborne pathogens certificate. 

What is Perla's message to other aspiring businesswomen?

Perla shares, "Have faith, make a plan and take action!  The only person that can stop you is yourself."  She also added, "When you do what you love, everything else works out smoother and you go to work happy.  It doesn't even feel like a job!"

 What are Perla's Words of Wisdom?

"Find your passion, dream big, and work hard!  Also,  don't let money be your #1 motivation!"

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Thank you for stopping by to read this blog post!  I hope you gained something loving/inspiring/fruitful from this blog post.  I hope you have an amazing Monday!