Friendsgiving 2018 - Let's Talk

Who do you call when you want to vent? Who do you immediately think of when you need a good laugh laugh? Who do you lean on?

I am blessed to have a tight-knit childhood crew that I call sisters, many friends from college, and I’m also a part of numerous communities of women. But the sad truth is that although there are a sea of women that I could call on to vent, ask for support, and communicate how I feel…I choose to keep things to myself. Why would I do this? Why would I pretend that I can handle it all on my own? Why not reach out?

A friend shared that I may have too much pride and that’s why I may not call upon others when I may need a hand. My truth is that it has nothing to do with pride, and everything to do with not wanting to be a burden or be an inconvenience. But this thought process is truly unloving for myself and for others. I share this because we are all interconnected and when we are given the opportunity to help each other, there’s a positive energy exchange that serves as a gift for the person that was able to help and healing for the receiver. Although, asking for support may be difficult at times, it’s truly the best course of action. We are all waiting in the wings for people to ask us to show up with our unique perspectives, talents, and love offerings.

After reconditioning my thoughts, I reached out to a friend for support and felt the soothing comfort that only another loving person can provide. Soooo, if this message is for you and you’re holding on to something, call on a friend and let it all out. It’s the most loving and empowering thing you can do for yourself.

And in talking about the importance of friendships, a few weeks ago, I was able to co-host a lovely Friendsgiving Dinner at Juniper, which was sponsored by Bumble and Route. The women in the private dining room buzzed with joy, laughter, and good energy as they ate delicious southern thanksgiving fare. The conversations that floated around the table covered everything from career, love, and the need for a good girls night out. It was magical and soulfully warmed the hearts of everyone in the room. Many women communicated how fulfilled they felt after the event and how we needed to do it again in the near future. It will definitely go down as one of my favorite moments from this year, and I thank Bumble for allowing me to organize this event.

Final thoughts —- friendships are one of life’s treasures and they should be honored, celebrated, and nurtured. They offer us with the source to recharge, reflect, and reconnect with what we may not be able to see without their guiding lens. Friends walk into our lives because part of their purpose is to help you on your journey with the right amount of giggle, a hug that reminds you that you aren’t alone, and a loving connection that brings out your best self.

Don’t be scared to call upon a friend when you’re in need and in exchange show up for them the best way you know how.

If you want to meet new women in your area, download the Bumble app, and use the BumbleBFF mode, which will allow you to connect with other local women who are seeking friendship.

 Route is a nonprofit, 501c3, organization that alleviates poverty by selling ethically produced goods and educates our community on the impact of employment and empowerment. 

A St. Louis restaurant with southern food and cocktails rooted in the traditional dishes and spirits of the region.