BumbleBizz Event

In less than two weeks, I am hosting a Bumblebizz event where five creative, dynamic, and inspriring women will come together on a panel to discuss how they aim to maintain balance in their careers and personal lives. I have to be honest, I will be taking notes. Sometimes, I find that I’m a little out of touch with reality because I’m busy focused on work and my family life. Well, maybe that’s ok…but, I do feel guilty at times because my “free time” is super limited. My days are composed of three major themes: my family responsibilities, my blog/ influencer work, and taking care of myself (physical, emotional, and mental).

There are three things that I do my best to include in my life to maintain my own level of balance.

1) Sleep: Making sure I sleep enough is my idea of balance! When I don’t get enough sleep, I definitely can feel the imbalance. I feel dreadful without sleep, as everyone does.

2) Exercise: Putting enough time in the gym throughout the week is really important for me. If I don’t exercise, I begin to feel sluggish and overall, I don’t like how I feel.

3) Motivational content: Books, speakers, and people who have positive outlooks on life. I always recognize a difference in my soul and mood after I process this type of content. I am re-energized and ready to tackle my next move with intensity and fullness. A number of different things can deplete you, but to show up as your best self, you have to refuel with good vibes.

In my attempts to find balance and maintain balance, I can admit that there are plenty of times where I feel like I am pushing myself to the max. I believe that that there are periods in one’s life where we have to dig deep to create, complete, or achieve something that we have not had in the past. In my mind it’s similar to a a climb of a large mountain. That first climb is going to be really difficult because you don’t know how to get to the top of this mountain. But, once you get to the top of this mountain, you have a better idea of how to climb it again. And that second time around or third time around, you will be more balanced, and more in control of where to position your feet. You will be well aware of what route to take, as the first time around, you made many missteps that almost made you fall.

Sooooo, after all of that reflectiveness…lol. I try to stay balanced, but I recognize that in this particular stage of my life, I may not be the best representation of balance. And mainly because I’m on a journey of self-discovery, building my digital platform, and pursuing growth. When I over extend, I try to breathe, meditate, and share my gratitude towards GOD and the universe for allowing me to dance this dance.

On that note, I will be looking forward to the BumbleBizz event on Thursday, October 25th, 2018 to hear from five amazing women who are living out their creative careers and doing their best to pursue and maintain balance. My notepad is ready…haha. I am excited to hear what they will share! Details are below!


Join us on thursday, October 25th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm for an amazing networking and professional experience!

The meeting will host a panel of creative, dynamic, inspiring, and influential women in St. Louis who will candidly discuss how they maintain balance in their careers, businesses, and in their personal lives.

Key topics:

How they are mindful in their relationships across business, personal, and friendships.
How they maintain balance, prioritize self care, and the relationships that keep them stable and supported in their communities.
How to be mindful in the workplace and get what you want. 

This is an event that promotes meeting new people in St. Louis, as Bumblebizz aims to empower people to engage in new relationships that will grow and nurture them to pursue their highest calling. See you there!

Panel Speakers

Laura Hettiger
Ttraffic anchor at KMOV, Host of Great Day St. Louis and Co-Host of the Guy Phillips Show on KTRS


Abra McField
CEO, Abra Kadabra Hair & Healing


Kaitlyn Reichert
Style Blogger & Influencer


Psyche Southwell
Award Winning Creator & Editor of “Economy of Style”

Psyche Southwell 2g.jpg

Emily Johnson
Singer, Professional Photographer, & Blogger

3798655A-7CC8-48DD-91AA-A76A50933F13 (1).jpeg

Thank you for stopping by to read this blog post. If you are in the area, please join us on Thursday, October 25th to connect, learn from each other, and self reflect on how we can all do better. But, don’t judge yourself too hard on balance, as everyone’s balance looks different! As long as you are happy with your definition of balance and what it looks like in your life, then that is the best version of balance. Sending you lots of love and positive energy!