Holiday Shine & Sparkle with Naturalizer

It’s October —where did the year go?! Halloween is around the corner and then it’s holiday season! Every year it feels like the year goes by faster and faster! It makes me realize more and more that we have to embrace the present as best as we can.

I am excited to collaborate with Naturalizer for their holiday campaign this year and I am going to share five comfortable and stylish looks that I paired with their “shine & sparkle” collection. This was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy the looks and the shoes!

Look #1: “The Casual Sparkle”

This first look with “Carly” is perfect for running errands, but still reflecting a glow at the grocery store, doing kid drop off, and running in and out of the house. They slip on your feet with ease and they are so comfortable! I loved the color and how I could easily wear these shoes with denim, tights, a skirt, and shorts.

Look #2: I’m Shining At Work Look with “Emiline
There are days that getting up for work can be difficult and all you want to do is stay home. You want to stay under the covers, but I am going to show you the perfect work shoe that is going to get you excited to jump out of bed. This pink “Emiline” shoe is such a beautiful shoe that can be paired with work pants and skirts. Another shoe that is very comfortable and you will be at work walking on clouds!

Look #3: The Golden Look with “Samantha

If you have a brunch, heading to church, work, or any other networking event, “Samantha” is a great shoe to complete your outfit. I would easily wear these with denim, skirts, pants, and dresses. This is a very versatile shoe, as the shape and color can be paired with almost everything!

Look #4: Shiny & Embroidered with “Emiline
These embroidered loafers are definitely ones that will allow you to shine and sparkle anywhere you go! These are the types of shoes that allow you to make a statement and shows everyone you aren’t afraid to be bold and fun! They can easily be worn with a black outfit or you can mix and match them as you see in my look below. Of course, they are absolutely soft inside, and nothing beats a fancy looking shoe that feels like a pillow is wrapped around your feet!

Look #5: Glitter Love with “Natalie”
What shoes will you wear for the work holiday parties, holiday happy hours, and holiday social gatherings? This “Natalie” glitter shoe is perfect! Not only does it dress up your outfit, but you can dance, work, and walk around all day with these heels, and your feet will be just fine!

There you have it! Five amazing looks with Naturalizer and all of them will give you a lovely level of shine and sparkle that will have you smiling all day. We all need something that can give us a boost, a lift, and a reason to shine. I hope you enjoyed this blog post, received some holiday outfit inspiration, and are fully aware that there are shoes that can fulfill the trifecta:

comfort, function, and style with Naturalizer!

Enjoy your day lovelies!!