Kayra Alvarado


Kayra Alvarado

After a long week, if you are anything like me, it’s nice to be able to drink a glass of wine with some of my favorite cheeses, prosciutto, and crackers. Last friday, I was able to enjoy Luna Nuda’s Rosé and Prosecco. The Rosé was amazing, it makes a crisp and clear summer statement, as you can taste a warm blend of apple and citrus. Absolutely lovely! The Prosecco was also fabulous, as I am always a fan of sparkling wine! This one also captures you with a wonderful fruit blend and leaving you fully refreshed.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the Luna Nuda Rosé & the Luna Nuda Prosecco have both won several awards:
2017 Rosé - 93pts & GOLD, New York Int'l Wine Competition

2017 Rosé - 90pts & GOLD, Critics Challenge

2017 Rosé - GOLD, Drink Pink Vino International Rosé Competition

2016 Rosé - 90pts, Tasting Panel Magazine

Luna Nuda Prosecco

NV Prosecco - 93pts & GOLD, Critics Challenge

NV Prosecco - 90pts & GREAT VALUE, Ultimate Wine Challenge 2018

NV Prosecco - BEST BUY, Tastings.com

Below, you will see pictures of my wine and cheese experience. Thank you to Luna Nuda for helping me end my week in bliss last friday!