Living for the Pursuit of the Dream


When I was a little girl, I dreamt of being on stage, commercials, movies, videos, runways…I could see the lights (gestures hands in a big way and does a big twirl). As I got older, I submitted to the social conditioning that a traditional job was the best way to pursue life and it would ensure that I wasn’t a failure. I didn’t want the scene to play out of me flying back from LA or New York, and admitting that several years of my auditioning and hustle for a big gig never panned out. Well, that’s a total bust! I literally wrote the story line, produced the mental film, and watched myself, all in the span of three minutes launch and plummet. Yup, I told myself, “there you have it, that’s the story and I’m done. Not going to pursue that dream.” I believed in this sad drama and pursued the steady Eddy and became a teacher. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing a traditional job, but to not allow yourself to run through those dream gates or tell yourself that that the track isn’t built for you is the lie. And the lie becomes the truth. Because what you believe will be, and we’re all familiar with the strength of the mind and how your truth is a reflection of what you believe about yourself.

Now, the good thing about life is that we are all given a second, third, actually an infinite amount of chances to get it right. Life is not an established script where we wake up daily reciting our lines. We have choice and that choice allows us to step, pivot, do a 180, and if you want — leap into your desired future. I’m not going to lie…just writing that last sentence makes me smile. There’s so much power in recognizing that we have more control over our lives, if we choose to release the fear, victim mentality, and the negative mental models that prevent us from directing ourselves into our greatness.

Where am I now with my dreams? Well, I would say I’m in a much better space than my younger years and I’ve replaced the sad film with an endless reel of positive images that reflects my sense of adventure, openness to possibilities, and the space for a fun mystery with a good ending. This new mental film is a work in progress and whenever the fear or the doubt starts creeping back in, I think of the Blockbuster days and tell myself that the old film is checked out.

As I pursue my dream, which is a big stew of fashion, education, and motivation. I’m continuously inspired by so many women that aren’t allowing the negative voice to keep them from pursuing their dreams. Below, you will learn about two clothing brands: La Femme Rebelle Clothing & Eve Lawrence Boutique led by women who have supported me in my style blogging journey and have positioned me as a brand partner. They are brands on the rise, pursuing their online boutique dreams, and it has been a total privilege to collaborate with them and share their clothing on Instagram and in this blog. Check the looks below and visit their websites for more!

I hope this blog serves to stir you, motivate you, and maybe with new year’s around the corner, you may consider your resolution to be about focusing on playing the award-winning film in your head starring the best and brightest you.