GENT Fashion Show RECAP

There were four awesome events during GENT fashion week, but due to time and other responsibilities I was only able to attend two out of the four events.  I arrived late to the kick-off happy hour, but I was still welcomed and greeted with love by the men that were still present at this event.  They embraced my attendance and told me that they enjoyed meeting me, and looked forward to seeing me the next day at the fashion show.  Because I drove up to this event by myself not knowing anyone, I was a little unsure of what I was walking into, but by the time I left, I felt extremely comfortable and reassured that I was in good company, and the guys I was meeting in this context were nice guys.   I send those guys a big thank you and a huge digital hug.  If you ever read this, you know exactly who you are! 


The next day I attended the fashion show, which was held on Friday, March 3rd. And I wore this mint blazer.  You can catch the details for this look below.   But back to the fashion show, it DID NOT disappoint!  As you pulled up to the Encore venue, colorful lights adorned the entry way, signaling the buzzing energy in the space.  When I walked in, music played in the background, smiling faces greeted me at the door, and I was directed towards an open bar and appetizer table.   I was able to meet several new people and I also got to see several of the guys from the night before.  

So, what was the fashion show like??  That is the big question!  Well, it was lovely!  There were two designers who showcased several looks: Paulie Gibson and Shan Keith, who are from St. Louis, and the third set of looks was presented by OSO, a retail store that houses smaller stylish brands not found in large department stores.  I was extremely impressed with the stylish clothes that were presented by the models.  The models were extremely professional and confidently walked the aisles with swag, elegance, and class.  I was lost in the experience and I really look forward to next year! 

Below are pictures from the fashion show and details on the mint blazer I wore to this show.  If you didn't attend this year, you should really consider purchasing a ticket next year and enjoying this amazing event!

Fashion Show Photo Credit: Richard Nichols
Instagram: @nichols_photo