4 Fashion Nova Looks

 "Everyone's wearing it!" 

The quote above is how I have been feeling about Fashion Nova.  Many women on Instagram love shopping at Fashion Nova (online clothing store), and celebrating their finds by showing off their looks.  I wanted to know what the hype was about, so I went ahead and did some shopping at Fashion Nova.  Upon landing on their site, you see women with beautiful curvy bodies modeling their clothes, and their dimensions are not the typical models you see on other clothing store websites. They have thousands upon thousands of options, so many, that I do think it could be hard trying to find something in the future because there is soooo much choice.  Don't get me wrong, I'm just like my daughter who loves to say, "I like choices,"  but it can take a while going through the plethora of options.   

It was really easy finding things I liked, and I quickly started adding items to my cart.  After a while, I decided that I would finish my selections on another day, and in my e-mail inbox I received a coupon code that would allow me to purchase my clothes for 30 percent off.  This made me even more motivated to finish my shopping experience, and I went ahead and bought several items for a very reasonable price.      

I was pleased with the fit, price, and quality of the clothes.  I was also happy with how quickly my items arrived to my house.  Overall, I would absolutely purchase clothes from Fashion Nova in the future, as I found it to be reasonably priced, and perfect for an outing, a mini vacation, or any activity where you are ready to have FUN!  Below are pictures of a few different items that I purchased, and the names are in bold at the top center of the pictures. Also, I added the link to the website below.  Happy Saturday!

Hot Spot Polka Dot Jumpsuit - Black/White  (Small)

Sharice Ribbed Knit Dress - Heather Grey (Small)


Kalea Striped Skirt - Multi (Small)

Nora Distressed Cardigan - Black/Silver  & Alysson Knit Dress - Black (Small)


Lucia Key Hole Sweater - Multi (Small)

Hot Spot Polka Dot Jumpsuit - Black/White  (Small)