Maximizing Your Time and Health

My me time!  It may be selfish, but as I have said before if I can't take care of myself, I can't be there for everyone else.  Taking at least 30 minutes  to be with my thoughts, as well as exercising, does so much for my soul. 

Lately, even if I can't make it to the gym, I have made the commitment to just make do with my circumstances.  Because sometimes all I have are 30 minutes exactly to spare, and rather than losing those minutes driving to the gym, I decide to do something at the house or around my neighborhood.  Although, it's not a jam-packed work out with weights, which is something I enjoy doing, I walk away feeling really happy that I did my bit of "taking care of myself" for the day.  

What is Peach?  

For my workout looks below, I want to talk about Peach.  Peach is a business model that supports women to chase their dreams.  One can choose to become a stylist with Peach, and you will acquire a back office with tools and resources to launch your own fashion business through Peach.   Peach also connects with people who want to be a part of the ambassador program.   These ambassadors are given clothing throughout the year as well as a unique link that affords them the opportunity to make commission from any of the sales through that link.  

My hat goes off to Peach for creating something that allows women to look fashionable and also empowers them with the opportunity to pursue financial increase while looking good!

What is Symphonized?

To ensure that I can work out with great motivational music and I can meditate to my self development podcasts, I lean on my Symphonized headphones.  Symphonized is an audio company that manufactures headphones, earbuds, and speakers from all natural genuine wood.  They have found that genuine wood conducts sound in a way that truly makes your music come alive. They have been featured in major publications such as Business Insider and Telegraph as part of the Best Headphones Under $30.  They also love giving back to the community, and so every time they sell one of their products, they donate $1 to Music Therapy Programs across the world!! 

If you make a purchase, you are able to get 15 percent off with the following code: 15OFF


First Look: In this look, I am wearing the tuscan floral reversible capri from peach, and I paired it with this yellow racerback sports bra from Amazon.  I loved how it provided a lot of coverage and made me feel very secure while exercising.   Also, you an see that I am using my awesome symphonized blue tooth headphones.  


Second Look:  I am wearing the seaside tile reversible capri from Peach and I paired with a one shoulder sports bra  from Amazon.  You are probably thinking that this sports bra is uncomfortable, but HONESTLY, I felt the most confident and secure in this sports bra!!

Third Look:  I am wearing the sea-side reversible capri from Peach and I paired it with a short sleeve crop top that has the cutest cross detail around the waist.  

I hope you have an amazing day, and you are able to maximize your time and health!   Sending you lots of positive energy!