How to Getaway with 7 Days of Slay!

What are we going to pack for our next trip?!  I am a serial over-packer.  And the times that I have tried to be "good" and pack lightly, I FULLY regret it.  I always forget something that would have been perfect for an occasion on my trip.  I decided to think of some ways that I can minimize my packing, and I decided that my best efforts could go into getting double duty out of my swimsuits.  Maximizing the use of these adorable swimsuits, and creating looks around them, would allow me to pack smarter!  In an effort to have fun, I matched looks with different days of the week.    I hope you guys enjoy my 7 days of SLAY below!

Sunday:  The first day typically consists of some travel and so I thought it was key that I was comfortable, and of course I had a hat for that blazing sun!  If i'm flying by plane, I tend to carry my hat, so that it doesn't get wrinkled in my suitcase.  Also, I love wearing comfy shoes, especially if I have to board an airplane. I need something that I can slip on and slip off.  This is why I chose these adorable metallic driving moccasins from eastland shoe.   Lastly, I chose this white flowy top and white shorts because it shows a lightness and a sense of calmness that I am about to have a fun time on my getaway.  Let's start our week with the right calming vibes, 'cause that's why we go on vacation, right?!

On Monday, I wanted to make sure I had an outfit that showed I am ready to have a good time! And there's something about mixing prints that communicates flexibility, creativity, and silliness. 

Tuesday: On this day, I may want to go to the pool, and these palm print pants are perfect to wear on top for walking into indoor venues.   

Wednesday: If I wanted to go to the pool again or head to the beach, I brought another easy swimsuit that I can wear with shorts or cover it up with this cute white dress!

Thursday:  On this day, I may want to head to the pool again or a night event, and this pink caped swimsuit is perfect for slaying day or night!  You can easily pair this with fitted jeans, a skirt, or pants for an evening out on the town.

On friday, my trip may be coming to a close, but I want to make sure I get amazing pictures of my trip...haha.    This is the swimsuit I want to make sure I get several pictures's absolutely instagram worthy!   Also, if I wanted to wear it out during the day, I could wear it with this skirt. 

On saturday, which may be my last day of my getaway trip, I may close it with a nice evening dinner.  This swimsuit and skirt are the perfect look to walk into a nice restaurant, and I can still use the swimsuit during the day!

Slaying your life away at your next vacation is fun, but we know that truly the best part of our trip are the priceless moments we are able to share with our loved ones.  Enjoy your next trip and make sure to SLAY that GETAWAY!