Laura's Greetings

A few weeks ago, a new company, Laura's Greetings LLC, reached out to me about potentially sharing their business concept and mission to empower people with disabilities with work. 

Their website provides disappointing facts, 

*that only 18% of those living with disabilities have jobs, and they are overrepresented in 17 of the top 20 declining jobs.*

The business is inspired and driven by a young woman named Laura, who has down syndrome, and loves to create and design.   The business owners, Hiva and Lee, started Laura's Greeting with the intention to help Laura gain meaningful employment as a card designer, and ultimately grow as a company, to help other disabled individuals gain meaningful work. 


The business model is centered around a subscription service that will allow individuals to receive packs of cards delivered to their door throughout the year for holidays and special occasions. The service will combine high-quality cards with the convenience of card delivery. 

Availability:  Initially, Laura’s Greetings’ cards will only be offered on Kickstarter. However, they will be available for purchase at shortly after the campaign. The website is currently under development, but people can learn more and track the company’s progress on Instagram (@laurasgreetingsco) and Facebook (@Laurasgreetingsco).

Pricing:  The line of greeting cards designed by Laura will be available on Kickstarter beginning April 17th at a discounted rate for backers. Backers will also have the reward option of backing the next individual living with disabilities as a creative designer for Laura’s Greetings’ team

IMG_20180404_205300_304 (1) (1).jpg

If you are interested in Laura's Greetings cards, and helping this amazing company grow,  you can go to their Kickstarter page, and support their campaign.  They have met their campaign goal, but every dollar will help to propel and drive this awesome business to thrive!  Please consider backing! Link is below! 

Thank you, Laura's Greetings, for reaching out, and asking me to collaborate, and share your mission.  I feel blessed to contribute to a business that is choosing to empower people with disabilities, and I love that I can help another woman gain the opportunity of employment through her passion for art!   Sending Laura and the company lots of love and abundant success!


As it relates to fashion, I am loving my new Mon Amie watch, which is handcrafted by African artisans.  Every purchase of a watch affords prenatal care for one woman.  

Happy Sunday!