My Maggy London Dress

I'm on Cloud 9!!  Why you ask? you not see my dress?!   Maggy London reached out to me a few weeks ago sharing that they liked my blog and were interested in a collaboration.    I was floored, excited, elated...all of the words that evoke joy. 
Today, I am sharing the "Carter Flounce."  This dress was dreamy online, but when I tried it on.....OMG, it fit like a glove and it was more beautiful than words can describe.  As it relates to fit, I am a size 4, and sometimes dresses are too big or too small on me, but there was nothing to worry, because it fit perfectly!   Can you tell I'm in love?!  I'm literally beaming right now, and I'm ecstatic about how it looks in pictures.  

This dress is classic, elegant, chic, and just plain gorgeous.  It can be worn on your wedding day, graduation, church, and in my case, I will be wearing it this Easter Sunday.  I really can't get over how it's so many things at once: flattering, feminine, true to size, and well-made. I FULLY recommend this dress and I will try my best to find reasons to wear this dress throughout this spring and summer.  This dress is truly a game-changer. 
If you see me wearing this dress, and I have a permanent smile, just know that it's because of this dress.  It really makes me feel like a million bucks!  
Thank you for stopping by to read this blog post and the link for this dress is below. Take care loves!!