Hello, love bug! I hope you are doing well!  Thanks for stopping by to read my latest blog.  The tips below are simple, but sometimes you may need someone to help you reflect about the simple things and make sure that you are doing your best to love and take care of yourself.   


Recently, I put myself on a time-out.  Time-out?  What are you talking about Kayra?  Well, I gave myself a heart to heart (my version of self-talk), and I did some self-reflection.   I am working my little heart out: making sure that I am taking care of my duties at my day job, my goals for my blog, and meeting the needs of my immediate family.  I can't pretend like my head doesn't feel like it's spinning and sometimes I just want to curl up in my couch and sink away for hours.  But I don't have that luxury: chores have to get done, assignments have to get graded, Milan needs dinner, and let's not forget about cleaning that kitchen.  I'm kind of embarrassed to share, but there are days that I can go the whole work day with a cup of coffee and random snacks because I left the house without a prepared lunch and I decided to work through lunch because I want to take advantage of every minute.  Not Good!  So, yes, for reasons like the one I shared above, I have decided to slow down a bit, ok, maybe not slow down, but I am trying to ensure that I am incorporating a few self-loving habits.  As the saying goes, "you can't take care of anyone, if you can't take care of yourself." 

These are the questions I asked myself, and decided to reflect upon:

1) Are you working out? Are you putting aside enough time for some type of physical activity several times a week? 

"Ummm...yes and no."  
Lately, my workouts have been inconsistent.  It hasn't been at the top of my priority list, and sometimes it just seems like a workout will just add more work to my day....hahaha.  Ok, i'm going to be serious now.  Every time I decide to go to the gym, I feel sooooo much better after I workout.   I recognize the importance of working out, and it's for reasons I have shared before:  improved energy, helps my skin glow, better overall mood, and contributes to my overall health.  Since I did this reflection,  what has been helping me get into the gym is looking at the scheduled classes at my gym, and plugging the classes into my schedule.  It's not enough to just say at the beginning of a week or a month, "I'm going to work out more."  This is not going to sustain you when you don't have the motivation or when other things show up in your life.  The gym has to be a scheduled event, and you should know which days in that upcoming week will be your workout days.   This helps me a lot!   So, if you aren't putting your workouts in your calendar, start today, and you will notice a change in your commitment to the gym.  



2) Are you happy with the types of foods you have been eating lately?  Do they reflect your health goals?  What can you do to improve your nutrition?

"I can do better."
Although I don't necessarily eat lots of fast food, I can't say that I am eating as many fruits and vegetables as I would like.  It's like I go through these waves of really good behavior, I fall off, and then I have to re-direct myself and get back on track.  One of the ways that I am making sure that I am eating healthier is by making a schedule that allows me to plan out what are the different meals I would like to eat during the week, and then my meal plan helps to determine what I need to buy at the grocery store.  Again, if I don't map out the week, a number of things happen:  I don't buy enough of what I need at the grocery store, I order more take-out than needed, and I eat foods that I would prefer to eat at a minimum.  

So, it's very similar to my gym workouts, if you want to eat healthier, you have to plan it, to ensure success. 



3) Are you making sure that you are being present?  Are you letting things pass you by?  Are you enjoying yourself?

I have to be honest, but sometimes I'm planning and working so much that I get lost in tomorrow, my future, and what things will look like when I complete what I say I want to complete.   Although, it's great that I have goals, I have to make sure that I am present, enjoying the gifts that God blessed me with today.  My daughter will only be 4 years old once, and I don't want to live in regret that I spent so much time preparing and working for the future, that I didn't fully enjoy all of the the beautiful little moments that life is offering me in the here and now. 

Furthermore, I try to make sure that I block out chunks of time where I don't have access to my phone and computer, so that I can be present with the people I care about the most, and who ultimately give me the most joy.    


4) Are you happy with the work that you have done, in all of the areas of your life (motherhood, wife, educator, blogger, etc.) ?  Have you celebrated your growth?  Are you patting yourself on the back?  

"I think..I don't know...I haven't really thought about it."
I have been so focused on doing this and doing that and feeling like I could do so many things better.  But the reality is, i'm not perfect, and I will never be perfect.  And that's ok!  Laughing at my weaknesses and shrugging off my mistakes is my biggest strength.   I am learning that I have to celebrate my mini-wins, my good days, and the growth that I feel in my heart and soul.   It's very easy to beat ourselves up, but I am going to choose to be nice to myself, love myself, and recognize that I am everything because I choose to wake up and try again.  

  Your celebration doesn't have to be big, but you have to own your achievements, as small as they may be.  You did that...and you should feel good about it...be proud!



Below are pictures of me in a  beautiful dress that I feel reflects the essence of Spring.  I purchased it from Nichole Lynel's website, a designer who has served as a source of fashion inspiration, female empowerment, and strength.  Thank you Nichole, and continue to do your thing!  The link for her website is below. 


I hope that these tips served you in some way.  And if anything, be nice to yourself, you are more beautiful than you recognize at times, and sometimes that recognition is all you need, to put yourself back into balance.  Sending you lots of LOVE and a huge digital hug!!!!!