Make Sound: A Tribute To My Brother

I have been contemplating for weeks whether or not I should write a blog about Michael today.  I was wondering if it shows that I haven't made progress, or that I am still stuck in his absence.  But I woke up about an hour ago with the clear conviction that i had to write and make sure Michael's legacy, name, and spirit continues to live, and particularly, it deserved its space on this website.   The title of this post is, "Make Sound" because he would say it all the time, which ultimately means: make your mark, push beyond your comfort zone, live passionately, and put it all on the table.  He was known for being a leader, a visionary, and for pursuing his dreams.  He wasn't perfect, but his passion, zest for life, commitment to community, and winning smile made him one of the most beautiful people you would ever meet.

Sending you lots of love Michael, you inspire me every day to be bolder, better, and to hustle my way into my dreams.  



(I read the following eulogy on the day of his funeral)

Michael was always larger than life, even as a child.  At the age of three years old he was sent to Panama to be with Abuela for the summer.  In that Panamanian neighborhood he became “king.”  All of the little girls and boys wanted to play with him.  Abuela would find him playing at the basket-ball court with kids much older than him, or riding his motorized go-kart down the street with all of the neighborhood children trailing after him.  These were the first stories of Michael’s bold and magnetic personality.  Athletically, he was very competitive so he would spend countless hours practicing his favorite sports.    I can still see him dribbling up and down the court practicing how to fake out his opponent.   He was also an amazing soccer player, being able to score multiple goals at every single game.  I loved watching him play these sports, as he made us all proud because when he played, he held nothing back. He was pure intensity. I proudly would take him everywhere as a teenager.  We were best friends who found each other’s jokes insanely funny.  We would confide in each other about our school drama, and I would even seek his advice on guys.   What was I thinking??? Although, he was younger than me, his opinion mattered to me, he was MY little brother.    He was my playmate, my confidant, and my personal comedian.  As the years went by, we maintained a strong sibling connection.  I always leaned on him if I needed to vent or a boost of confidence.  He knew how to motivate me and make me feel like a million bucks.   

            His work ethic brought him to accomplish major achievements, and even though he would fall off his course, he had no problem shaking it off, and getting back on the road towards his dreams.  He has left us with numerous pictures that capture his smile and uplifting spirit.  His music is another gift to us that channels his voice and his wisdom.  Michael’s life was cut short from being able to truly realize his dreams.  He would consistently inform me about how he was strategizing and working to accomplish his goals in the music industry.    He was on his way and making strides with every move.  But knowing Michael, even though he is gone, he would want his life story to serve as a symbol of persistence, drive, and hard work.  He would want each and every one of us to pursue our goals, think big, and achieve our dreams.  He is now immortalized as a resource of strength and love.  Whenever we may feel like we are too tired, frustrated, or unhappy with our conditions, we must be grateful and press forward, as Michael would say, “sleep is overrated…we gotta go get it.”  His hunger for success will live within each and every one of us.  

            Michael, we will miss you for the beautiful spirit that you blessed us with while you were on earth.  We look forward to making you proud by not taking any day for granted, expressing our gratitude to God, appreciating and caring for our loved ones.  You will help us to be better, to re-evaluate our relationships and friendships by giving more and expecting less.  You had the ability to fill a room with smiles, humor, and joy.  Your playful nature will never be forgotten as you have given us plenty of memories of silly comments, jokes, stories, and dancing.  You had a way of making people feel like they were special because you had the capacity to listen, engage in deep conversation, and communicate your appreciation and love.      We will use today for tomorrow, and leave yesterday in the past.  We will move forward with you while we walk on mic ave. 


Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 1.55.44 AM.png
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I will post more pics and details of this particular outfit later this week.  I really wanted to make sure this post was solely about Michael.