For my Birthday, I want Moana and Everything Pink!

For my daughter's 4th birthday party, we asked her how she wanted to celebrate it.  She shared, " I want it to be Moana and I want the color pink."  Well, this response didn't surprise me, as she thinks that she's Moana, and if she had the choice, everything in her world would be pink.   Also, she added that she wanted to have it at the house.  Birthday parties can be a lot of work, and they also can be even more work if they are at your home.  This is why so many parents prefer to pay the rate at a party venue, so that a bunch of kids can show up, play, and then when they leave, you don't have to worry about clean-up.  Anyhow, my husband and I thought about it, and then decided that it wouldn't be that bad if we hosted the party at our home.  The good part about doing it at home is how you don't feel rushed and there's something special about building special memories in one's home.  

I didn't spend too much time planning on this party because I was pretty busy with work the weeks prior to the event.  This is how I attacked the planning of the event:

Food: Chick fil-a nuggets and Wraps, bowl of chips, and a veggie tray.
Decor: Dining Table decorated with Moana plates & napkins, and grass skirts taped to the ends of the table.   The stairwell was decorated with hawaiian leis and pink balloons.  I also found a baker who re-created a Moana pink cake that I found on Pinterest. 
Activities: We rented a bounce house and I set up a few activities (bubbles, limbo, and sack race). Also, we bought a pink flower piñata. 

The party lasted approximately two and a half hours from 2:00-4:30.  And the flow was...

1) kids played in the bounce house and tried some of the activities that were set-up in the back yard
2) kids ate their lunch around the dining table
3) kids batted at the piñata (candy served as the favors)
4) Cake & Ice-cream
5)  Milan opened her gifts

Overall, I was pleased with the event.   The set-up and clean-up was fairly easy, as I have great neighbors who helped before, during, and after the event.  I'm not sure if Birthday 5 will be at home, but I don't regret it one bit hosting it at home this year.