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Thanksgiving & Some Cute Outfits

Kayra AlvaradoComment
Thanksgiving & Some Cute Outfits

First, I want to THANK you for checking out my blog, and I do hope that you find my stories and/or outfits as a source of inspiration, encouragement and positivity.  

This thanksgiving, I am grateful for family members and friends, and I have a soft spot for those that have travelled to St. Louis to visit us in our new home.  I am grateful for my husband who is supportive of my career as well as my blogging.  I am thankful for my daughter who is so sweet you could literally eat her for dessert.  She is such a sweetie that sometimes she acts like an 80 year old great grandma trapped in a 4 year old body.   She says things like, "Mommy, before you leave, I want a hug and a kissy."  I know...isn't she the most adorable little thing??

I am grateful for my job.  It's one of the few places that has excelled in making me feel respected as a professional and encourages my growth.  

I am grateful for my neighborhood, which is filled with neighbors straight out of a feel-good suburban movie.  I have the type of neighbors that like to engage in block parties at the end of our street, drop off vegetables on my front door from their gardens, and help me prepare for birthday parties without my request for support.  

And lastly, I am truly and honestly thankful for you.  I am thankful for anyone that has ever liked any of my instagram posts, made a comment, read my blog, and the special ones who have even decided to buy the clothes that I share on these posts.  Your support and encouragement fills me to the brim and gives me so much joy.  

I am excited to be hosting thanksgiving this year, my sister and family will be staying with us, and I am looking forward to having a good time with them.   I'm not quite sure what I will wear, but I have three cute outfits (pics to the right) that look like fall and would be festive enough for the day.  

I hope that you have an amazing Thanksgiving filled with yummy food, laughter that makes your tummy hurt, hugs and kisses that warm your heart, and memories to last a lifetime.  

Click below to find the details of these outfits.  



1st option: The mustard color turtle neck is so comfortable and adorable.  It has these cute gold buttons on the wrists.  I paired it with flared olive green high waisted pants and rose gold shoes.  The pants have gold buttons paneled on the waist line, and I thought it worked well with the top as they both had buttons.  It may be button overload, but I thought it was cute!


2nd Option: The polk-a-dot blouse, orange corduroy skirt with gold buttons, and beige knee-high boots. 


3rd Option:  The plaid brown and mustard body-con dress with beige boots.  This dress is comfy and soft.