Is it Hot or Cold Today??

Since I have moved to St. Louis the weather has been pretty moderate.  The locals have a tendency of stressing that they have harsh winters and that their summers are terrible, but too be quite honest, it's not that bad.   Now, let me fix that, this past summer there were temperatures that were unbearable.  But the winters really do not compare at all to what I have experienced in Maryland. 

There were several Blizzards growing up, that broke records, and completely shut down the DC metropolitan area for about a week.  I even have a scar under my lip that reminds me of Blizzard of '96, which dumped 17 inches across the metro area.  In my neighborhood, the snow plows would push the snow into large hills, and we would play with them as if they were large slides.  Well, in one of those attempts to slide down this snow hill, I slid and my face fell into the snow.  All that to say, I still have a curved scar under my lip because I never went to the doctors for stitches.  


I also remember trekking to the grocery store by foot, and even though the snow was knee deep-high, I stomped my way through for about a mile to get to the store.  It was like getting ready for war: we layered up with several socks, pants, and sweaters under our coats.  We thought we were prepared for the cold with all the layers of warm clothing, but in our route I recall feeling like I was developing frostbite. I do not miss that! I remember running into the warmth of our house, and thanking God for giving me heat!!


In St. Louis, it has been shocking to see how fall and spring-like weather last longer, and winter feels more brief in comparison to MD.  I will not complain because I hate being cold and every time it's unexpectedly warm in this area, I enjoy it like a gift.  

Now that the temperatures are getting cooler, in this fall season, I bought this cute coat to wear when I go out.  I love the gray color, and because it's a neutral color I can wear it with everything.   I actually wore it out to dinner for my birthday, over the pink outfit, and I was pleasantly surprised at how warm it kept me.   

Click the link below for more details on this coat.   You know I will be walking around town in my over-sized gray coat!