Kayra AlvaradoComment

Satin Pants = Pajama Trend

Kayra AlvaradoComment
Satin Pants =  Pajama Trend

The pajama trend is the new rave!  You see celebrities at basketball games, concerts, and high-profile events, as if they were dressed to jump into their beds, but not at all...the night is young, and wearing sleepwear-looking clothing means you're current and on trend.  

In the photos below, you will see me laughing my heart out because I was playing with my posing, and honestly laughing at how comfy these pants feel.  I was caressing the sides of these pants, and in doing so, I laughed out loud...thinking about how ridiculous I may look and how funny posing again and again can be.  

I linked a variety of black pajama pants, if you are interested in finding one for yourself.  Sooooo, now, if you're too tired to change when you come home from a long night, you can consider jumping into bed in your clothes...since you're essentially wearing sleepwear.

Take care!