Bell Sleeves: They scream, "Voila!"
R42A2314 (1).jpg

Bell sleeves:  there are little ones, medium sized ones, and there are over-the-top large ones, like the one I am wearing.  They bring drama and flare to your outfit.  I love how it makes me feel, like I'm about to dance the tango....haha.  Bell sleeves are a current trend, and if you don't have a top with these sleeves, you have to give it a try.  Maybe not as bold as this one, but a baby bell will do just fine!

Something else I'm enjoying about our current fashion trends, are how much we are challenging the notion of a winter look or summer look.  For example, white pants are now something cool to wear post labor day, and spring looking embroidered flowers are all over our sweaters, blazers, jeans, and pants.  It's a time to be bold, mix different prints, and to pull looks together that allow you to show your creativity. 

The exact link to this top is below, but I will also link other bell sleeve tops, that I thought were super cute!!  Happy Sunday!

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