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A Unique & Beautiful Holiday Gift For Him or Her

Kayra AlvaradoComment
A Unique & Beautiful Holiday Gift For Him or Her

The holidays are approaching and my favorite part about this season is the giving that we are able to partake in to show our loved ones how much they mean to us.  I love giving just to see a person's smile flash across their face, reflecting the love that they feel from the gift that they are receiving.  I truly enjoy anything people give me, but if they can manage to find something that I wouldn't normally be able to find myself, but still captures my taste and style, I am blown away with gratitude.  Whenever this has happened, I look at the gift giver as someone that truly gets me, connected on a deeper level, and more than anything ---loved.  


This season I have partnered with JORD watches, a luxury watch company that designs beautiful natural 100 % hand-finished wood watches.   They are absolutely exquisite to look at, but they are even more breathtaking in person.  When I put this watch on for the first time, it was my first wood watch, and I felt elegant, luxurious, and special.  


If you are thinking about what to get a special person in your life, the JORD watch will make you the King or Queen of gift giving.  Trust me, the recipient will be in awe, and they will spread their holiday cheer by sharing to others how you made them feel like a million bucks with their new JORD watch.  


The watch I have on is called Cassia, which is made with a walnut wood grain and accented with rose gold. I love it!  But they have so many more options to suit your particular taste or the style of your loved one. 

Click on the link below to access an exclusive 25% holiday coupon code!   On that page, you will be asked for your name and email address. 


Happy Holidays!