I think I need eyeglasses!

Since i was a little girl, I used to think that glasses were super cute and cool.  Anytime I was at a store, I played around with eyeglasses, and pictured myself walking around looking smart.  Three years ago while I was working on my dissertation, I used to spend 12-18 hours in front of my computer, and I was confident that my eyesight was deteriorating with the amount of screen time my eyes were getting.  Even though, I wasn't happy about the screen time exposure, I was secretly excited about the possibility of having to wear eyeglasses in the future.  I know that it is trendy to wear eyeglasses, even if you don't need them, but I wanted my eyeglasses to be legitimate...lol!  


I made an appointment with an optometrist, and went through the eye exam thinking that i had nailed it, I couldn't see some of the letters....I was going to walk out with prescription eye glasses!  Well, to my surprise, the optometrist shared that my vision was normal and that I didn't need eye glasses.  I asked him, "are you sure?"  He said, "yes, there's nothing wrong with your vision."   At that moment, my legitimate prescription eyeglasses dream poofed right in front of me.  He led me to the store area, and told me that I could still purchase glasses since he could tell I was let down, and that no one would know they weren't prescription.

I looked at a few glasses, and sadly walked out of the door.  As I opened my car, I laughed at myself for my ridiculous wish and how I should be happy that my vision was still in tact. 

Last week, while I was surfing on amazon, I found these cute eyeglasses that had great reviews and for a great price.  I decided to buy them 'cause deep down I still think back to how close I was to becoming an official eyeglass wearer.  This is my first pair of fake eyeglasses!  Even though i'm not official, I enjoyed them!


I also found the dress on Amazon, and it was another great find!  This dress is comfortable, affordable, and I could easily wear it to church, a conference, sorority/ business event.   Below, you can click on the link to find more details on the eyeglasses and this cute dress!  Enjoy the rest of your work week!!