My "Coco" Dress

Yesterday, I took Milan to see Coco, the new Pixar movie, and although I heard that it was great, it superseded my expectations.  As a Latina who grew up with a big family, it was so nice to see an animated big box movie reflect a number of things that were a part of my upbringing, as it relates to hispanic culture.  They showed a multi-generational family working and living together.  I can fully relate to different points in my life, living with cousins, aunts, and Abuela.   And now that I am away from them,  I can see how I took for granted the prepared meals, not having to clean up for myself (at times), and late night traditional snacks cooked by Abuela.  


The movie revolved around the Day of the Dead holiday, which is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico.  I didn't grow up celebrating this holiday, but as a Spanish teacher I have taught my students about this holiday and how it serves as an opportunity for people to celebrate their deceased loved ones.  During this holiday, people will build altars with pictures and they will add the deceased person's favorite foods and drinks, in an effort to get their souls to visit them during the   holiday.   

This movie took me on a journey about the unconditional love we get from our family members, the tensions that develop when we disobey or ignore their advice, and the limited time we have on earth to experience the beauty of family love.  By the end of the film I was fully sobbing, and it wasn't just me, an older man seated to my right was crying 

If you get a chance, go watch this film, it promotes the diversity of language and culture, the importance of family, and how we have to appreciate our time alive.  


I found this dress online and I thought it was adorable.   I really liked the pom pom tassels that make it look ethnic and adds a level of detail that most dresses don't have.   If I had a wedding or a nice event to attend, I would definitely wear this dress!  Click on link below for more details.  


I also added the link for the trench coat that I paired with this dress, but to be completely honest I am not fully pleased with the hem of this coat.  But on the positive side, it fits well, and it's super soft and comfortable.  I think this dress is a perfect coat to wear to an event because it really adds to your look, but it's not something you should invest in for everyday use day or on a consistent basis.