The End of Summer

Returning back to work this school year is exciting and scary for me, as I have accepted a leadership role that will push me in ways that I have not experienced before.  Furthermore,  the morning of my first day, I woke up with some anxiety.  It would be the day that I have to return back to work that I am unable to get good sleep.  Any other day, the minute that my head lands on the pillow, I drift into a sweet slumber.  And to make matters worse, my daughter contributed  towards my lack of sleep, by begging me to come to her room at 3 am.    

I woke up with my eye lids feeling heavy, and that puffy look that gives away you didn't get much rest. After getting dressed, I panicked a bit because if I didn't hurry, I would be late to work.  I guzzled the hot coffee, and sadly had to witness my daughter invite her Nana into her playroom, as I rushed out the door.   It gets better, I started my engine and saw that my gas light was on, and now i had to add a few minutes to my commute.

I looked down at my phone, and saw that I had 5 texts from my new angry tenant, chewing me out about how the carpet in the condo was still smelly, even after I scheduled two different carpet companies to come out and clean them.  I zoomed into the gas station forgetting what side my gas tank was on, and I had to do a full 360, while several cars observed me as the woman who couldn't drive. 

For a minute there, I wanted to cry, and I began to ask myself all types of questions.  "Why did you sign up for this?"  "You can't do this...You can't handle all of this."  Then, my cheerleader popped out and said, "Go find Oprah, she'll make you feel better."  I listened to some soundbites of Oprah on youtube, and boy did she bring me back.  She talked about her failures, and how our routes to success are filled with moments of anxiety, tension, and worry.  But our work ethic, attitude, and preparedness is what affords us the opportunity to excel.  Thank God for Oprah!

 I reminded myself that changing gears, trying something new, and consistently pushing beyond my comfort level is what will keep me excited and energized in life.  I embraced the knot in my stomach, took a deep breath, turned on my radio, and bopped my head to the sound of the beat.  I said to myself, "this is what life is about, and I will enjoy it."