Kayra Alvarado

Fall 2017 Trends to Add to Your Wardrobe

Kayra Alvarado
 Fall 2017 Trends to Add to Your Wardrobe

Every season there is something new and eye-catching in stores, so that we can all  get excited about buying new clothes.   Designers share their creativity on the runways, and if we don't have the money to buy designer pieces, we end up buying something that was inspired by a fashion designer.   I find trends to be the most exciting part of fashion, in that these trends can make us feel more present, current, and new.  Also, these trends will make us remember a period of time in our life, like a favorite song from our childhood.  When you reflect on a trend, it may take you back to a particular year in school, who you were dating, and what you were doing in that article of clothing.  

This fall 2017, there are some fun trends that I added to my wardrobe, and I wanted to share them with you!  

#1) Velvet:  Velvet is everywhere!  I see velvet dresses, tops, skirts, etc.  I love how velvet makes me think of the 70's...so retro!  I bought this dress from Forever 21, and I loved how affordable it was.  I'm not sure how long velvet will be around as a trend, but I know I won't be sad when it goes out of style because this dress was so affordable.  



#2) Knee-High boots: Knee-High boots or over-the-knee boots are what's in style right now.  Women everywhere are wearing these boots over jeans/ tights, with sweater dresses, skirts, and shorts.  I decided to purchase boots that went right below the knee,  I think I was too scared to purchase boots that went too high past the knee.  Even though I love trends, I notice that I always try to stay closer to a classic look, I tend not too jump full- throttle into new trends.  I really love this boot color because I can wear it with many different colors, as it's a neutral color.  Also, I loved the fit of these boots, as they aren't too tight and I can wear them over jeans, also they aren't too loose that they don't hold up their shape on their own. Overall, I thought these boots would be a great staple, and I would be able to wear them over and over again. 


#3) Over-Sized Blazer: The Over-Sized Blazer is soooo cool!  I love it because it's something I can wear to work, and that I could also wear in the evening on a date.  This blazer has such a beautiful shape, as it commands a presence when I wear it.  It just screams, "I'm a boss, " and who doesn't want to walk around feeling like a boss!  This blazer was a home-run!


#4) High-Waisted Jeans:  Can I say thank you??!!  These high-waisted jeans made me feel like a Charlie's Angel...lol.  When I wore them, they made me feel so confident, and gave me more curves than necessary!  I didn't have to pull these pants up once, and I was able to shimmy, twirl, and leap without a problem.  These jeans are super comfortable and they also made me look edgy since they have the ripped look.  Absolute winners!



#5) Crop-top sweater: The crop-top sweater is a trend that is serving as a continuation of the crop top that everyone was wearing this summer.  This trend is cute, but it may not be the most practical for a woman like myself.  Do I really want to show my belly button when I am going to the grocery store?  I guess I wouldn't wear this to the grocery store..lol.  I thought this sweater was adorable, and I loved how it could be paired well with the high wasted jean.  I also loved the chunkiness/ blockiness of the sweater, as it can help to break up the look of tight pants.  



  When we wear clothes, we are making a statement about who we are, what we believe, and how much fun we like to have :).