Adding a Touch of Fall to My Home

Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I love the clothes, the activities you can do with your family, how you can find everything pumpkin-flavored, and best of all -- my birthday!  In my efforts to celebrate this season, I added some decor accents throughout my home to share my joy and excitement.  

I purchased a few items from one of my favorite stores At Home (, and mixed it with pieces that I already owned.

 Mantle above the fireplace:  I bought a cute gold accent piece that looked like a branch with a few leaves.

 Dining table: I purchased gold place mats shaped like leaves.  And I created a centerpiece with two new lanterns that I positioned within my fall door wreath from last year. 

Door: I purchased a new M fall wreath. 

I will probably add to my home throughout the season, but I love how these few initial touches add so much fall energy and ambiance to my home.